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Rathfriland Masonic Hall

The members of Rathfriland Masonic Hall extend a warm welcome to everyone who visits this site, hopefully you will find the masonic information contained in this website both interesting and helpful. Please use the navigation buttons above and right to look around our website.

Freemasonry is one of the world's oldest fraternal societies and has flourished in Ireland for more than 300 years, while records indicate 1778 as the year Freemasonry first appeared in Rathfriland.

The hall is situated near the top of John Street, one of five streets falling away steeply from the square in Rathfriland and has been the permanent home of Freemasonry in Rathfriland since 1891. As well as home to two craft Lodges (80 & 155), the Hall hosts a Royal Arch Chapter (Iveagh R.A.C. No 80), a Council of Knight Masons (Council No 11), and a Preceptory (Iveagh Preceptory).

Rathfriland (from Irish: Ráth Fraoileann meaning "ringfort of Fraoile") is a village in County Down, Northern Ireland. It is a hilltop Plantation of Ulster settlement between the Mourne Mountains, Slieve Croob and Banbridge. In ancient times it was the capital of the ruling Magennis family. The town square is located on top of the hill, and a market house (erected 1764 approx), which dominates the main square, was built for the linen market by Miss Theodosia Hawkins Magill.